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Every Moment is a Memory

How we do it

The company Kolus ehf that produces sambo confectinary,  is a privately owned Icelandic company offering high quality unique confectionery and traditional Liquorice products made from highest quality ingredients available for the domestic and export market.
The company was founded by the Kjartanson’s brothers in 1962 which still manages daily operation to present day. The brothers believe in the “old values” of business operations that has kept the business growing without compromising financial integrity at any time over past four decades. This values along with high quality tasty products and operational consistency has earned the company, five consecutive years in a row, and through global financial recession, the title one of Iceland’s top 300 outstanding companies by Iceland’s, CREDITINFO Ltd a company that assesses the credit risk and CIP risk of companies from financial reports, media information and payment behavior provided from the financial and government sector. Following minimum criteria is needed to be ligament nominee, and finally to earn the title:
• Annual reports needs to be submitted to the Internal Revenue on time each year.
• Need to pose less than 0.5% chance of serious arrears
• Profits needs to be positive for three consecutive years
• Assets needs to be valued above 80 million
• Equity needs to be 20% or more each fiscal year
• The company needs to be registered with the Directorate of Internal Revenue
• company needs to be an active and enabled business under definition from CREDITINFO Ltd

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